Higgins (Keyboards)

He was 11 when he first got in active contact with music. During piano lessons he learned then the first musical basics. 15 years old, he started playing drums. When his father then got an organ, he returned to the  more expressional possibilities of a piano. Limited from the restricted sound possibilities, it only took a short time, until he owned his first keyboard.

Like most musicians he gathered the first experiences together with others in a school band. Many songs later some bands arised, such as "Trademark "or "Skin Deep".

"What I liked most that time, was unconventionally live gigs under contrarious conditions. This has given a huge experience and coolness in dealing with such situations to me."

In the beginning of 2001 Andi, who I knew well from previous projects, took me to Vera Cruz: "Now I have the feeling, there is an optimal range for  experimentalizing and presenting my own sounds. With Vera Cruz I can engage myself and realize own ideas."



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